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Last updated 7:16 AM on 25 May 2017

Penrith Selective High School P & C promotes the interests of the school by providing opportunities for parents to learn more about the running of the school, to contribute their ideas and share in decision making, and to offer practical assistance. Some meetings include presentations about school curriculum changes, student well-being initiatives and other important aspects of school life.

Membership costs $2. Members are entitled to vote on motions and to receive Minutes of the meetings. All parents and community members are welcome to attend meetings. In addition to face-to face- meetings, PHS parents communicate through a YahooGroups mailing list. All parents are invited to join. All parents are invited to join. If you would like to join this list send an email to the P&C Mailing List Administrator ( with your details (name, child's year, email address to use on the list).

P & C Office Bearers for 2017 - 2018 are;

President – Praba Prabaharan

Vice-President - Freda Wilson-Williams

Vice-President – Jagadesh Subburayalu

Secretary – Sanjeevan Thanabalasingam

Treasurer - Chirantan Pandya

Auditor – Janine Peters

Yahoo Groups Co-ordinator - Chirantan Pandya

The Principal is an ex officio member of the P & C.

School involvement by P & C members includes:

  • welcoming new parents, staffing information tables at Open Nights and speaking about the P & C on Information Nights;
  • working bees (weeding, planting and mulching);
  • participating on selection committees for intake of students for Year 7 and for places that arise in Years 8 to 11 (held at Penrith Selective High School);
  • participating on staff employment selection committees;
  • input into school policies, e.g. on school uniform, homework policy;
  • planning canteen policies and overseeing management of the P & C run canteen;
  • fundraising (e.g. barbecues at Penrith South Bunnings).

    Money raised from the canteen and other fundraising activities is used to assist with school expenses (e.g. certificates for Presentation Night, equipment for classrooms), provide thank-you morning teas to show our appreciation to the staff, and for student sponsorship to national and international events.


    Membership and Yahoo Group (pdf 23 KB)

    Constitution (pdf 141 KB)

    By Laws (pdf 8 KB)

    Sponsorship Policy (pdf 45 KB)

     Enquiries and correspondence to:

    Secretary (Sanjeevan Thanabalasingam) -

    Penrith Selective High School P & C, PO Box 548, Penrith NSW 2751.